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Winter Magic: Magic Camp winter program


This direction running from January 2002
Lviv     Mukachevo    Rahiv

The first time we met Christmas merry company Magic Camp at the recreation center in Kharkov in 2002. Perhaps for the first time, this database heard spoken English and listening to Christmas songs in English! Since we spend the winter holidays in the Carpathians (different places), in Lvov, Poland, Britain and Santa Claus/Santa Claus/Joulupukki in Finland.


In the Carpathians, we always welcome in pension "Energetic" (Beregovskikh district, Transcarpathian region.) Recreation "Kharchovyk" in Mukachevo or vintage yet modern hotel "Europe" Rahiv.


Winter Magic - Winter holidays in the Carpathians

Like summer, winter English camp program combines three main components:

   • nice stay
   • fascinating and elaborate developmental program
   • constant communication in English (to overcome the language barrier)


Thematically, the program will be organized around the winter holidays, traditions, ceremonies, games. Of course, it all goes in English and under the guidance of caring counselors (as always - two counselors on the squad of 15 participants, all three divisions by age: junior, middle and senior).



Winter vacation in Mukachevo

For lovers of excursions and city holiday

 Thermal swimming pool in Berehovo

2-12 January, pension "Kharchovyk" of Mukachevo
Development + vacation + English

   • Captivating game training program for personal growth "Path to Success"
   • Team competitions, games, songs, diskuscii, ski, sled, discos
   • Delicious food, comfortable accommodation at 2-3-4 person room facilities
   • Constant communication in English
   • Excursions in Mukachevo castle "Palanok" Chinadievo, thermal pool Beregove


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Winter vacation Rahiv

For mountain lovers, skis, snowboards and sleds

 Snowboarding in Bukovel
2-12 January, the hotel "Europe", Rahiv
Development + vacation + English

   • Captivating game training program for personal growth "Path to Success"
   • Snowboards, skis, sled, team competitions, games, songs, diskuscii, tours, discos
   • Delicious food, comfortable accommodation for 2-3 persons, in-room amenities
   • Constant communication in English
   • Trip to the ski slopes Bukovel


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Winter holidays in Lviv

2-12 January, the hotel "Rodinnyj Dim", Lviv
 Lviv during the winter holidays
Development + vacation + English
• language practice, overcoming the language barrier
• orientation in an unfamiliar city
• Develop an interesting sightseeing tour of the city
• interaction with the group, leadership development
• effective presentation skills
• skills to conduct tours in English



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