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Program of mutual support


The mission of the program


Support of Emerging stay smart, successful development, free thinking, socially active, responsible and harmonious personality.




Objectives of the program:

- Contribute to improving the quality of the program Magic Camp, its effectiveness;
- Disseminate information on Magic Camp, increase the number of participants;
- Encourage participants to continued participation in the program Magic Camp and facilitate their conditions of use of this program.




Program Description

Participate in the program is open to any interested person who has at least once paid for or participated in the program Magic Camp. To interest and financial support for the continued participation in the program, for all have participated in the program previously installed in a 5% discount on existing programs Magic Camp.


In addition, each participant in the program of mutual support (PVP) hereby undertakes to maintain the various events organizers Magic Camp for improving the work of the camp and the dissemination of information about it.


Each participant has a PVP opportunity to actively participate in surveys, promotions, contests and receive thanks for it and earn bonus balls to your personal bonus account, and then exchange them for the corresponding additional discount. 100 points = 10 hryvnia.


The number of points that can be obtained for participation in the event, reported in the early events.


During a calendar year, you can earn any amount of points.

Encouraged to use these points to the end of the calendar year. Not used until the end of the year the number of points multiplied by 0.5.