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Educational children's English camp in Odessa (Zatoka)


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The English-speaking Children's Camp is located in the Bay Area, 60 km. from Odessa in one of the most environmentally friendly places on the isthmus between estuaries and the Black Sea coast.


Children's camp in Odessa on the Black Sea


The camp is not located in the center of the resort, which guarantees no noise, traffic and rest.





We live in one of four brand new three-story buildings.


Corps. Camp in Odessa Building 2. Language Camp in Odessa (Zatoka)


Each room has an area of 18 square meters with bunk beds for 4 children.

Each room is equipped with a full bathroom, wardrobe and dresser.


Room. Children's camp in Odessa Bathroom in the room. Language camp in Odessa


Each room has a veranda of 2.5x3 m with a height of 1.2 m.

Counselors live in the building with their children.





Eating five times according to the principle of the Swedish line, that is, the child has a choice of dishes; only certified products are used.


Meals at the camp Kitchen in the camp

The kitchen is designed and built in accordance with all existing sanitary standards, completely filled with new equipment.


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On the territory of the camp are:

• 4 enclosures

• dining room

• security point

• medical station with isolator

• laundry


Playground in a camp in Odessa (Zatoka)


For organization of leisure there are:

• a football field in accordance with the standards of mini-football

• a versatile field for volleyball and basketball

• Workout Street Workout simulators

• playground with attractions

• Indoor universal playground with stage



Indoor playground in an English-speaking camp in Odessa


For the work of circles and sections, trainings were built 6 indoor wooden arbors of 50 square meters.


A gazebo in an English camp in Odessa


The camp has its own treatment facilities, 2 own wells with clean drinking water, which undergoes additional filtration.

Power supply with 150 kW emergency generator.

Guest parking is guarded for 50 cars.



A sandy beach with shelters, rescue and medical services is located 200 meters from the camp.


Private beach for children's camp in Odessa (Zatoka)



The main advantage of the camp is our developing English language program!



English-speaking camp in Odessa by the sea English children's camp in Odessa




11 - 20 June (10 days), 2022


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Development Language Camp in Odessa English-speaking children's camp in Odessa (Zatoka)




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What is included in the price?

• A carefully thought out and exciting program (THREE in ONE):
   › recreation
   › personal development
   › overcoming the language barrier - all in English!
• Work of English-speaking counselors
• Accommodation in 4-bed rooms with private facilities
 Meals 5 meals a day
• 24 hour security


Additional paid: travel to the base and back, excursions



Educational children's camp in Odessa 


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For more information, contact us!


Please, call:


+38067 590 05 56 - Andrey - WhatsApp


+38050 401 79 47 - Andrew - WhatsApp & Telegram


+38073 053 78 89 - Andrew - Viber


* 5% discount for UMNIC members and mutual support program participants
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