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Summer Quest: summer camp program of Magic Camp

 Magic Camp



All communication is in English!
• Small detachments of 15 people (two professional counselors for the detachment!)
• Shifts for both children and adults (specify when!)
• Each shift is unique in terms of content and content (you can come for two or three shifts in a row)
• Lots of games, competitions, songs, discussions, team challenges, hikes and other exciting activities every day


• Carefully planned and eventful daily routine
• Friendly atmosphere of mutual support and care
• Teamwork skills development, mutual support, goal achievement
• Mastering of leadership qualities and emotional intelligence


• Development of cognitive abilities through games, creative tasks, teamwork
• A unique opportunity to prepare oneself for a trip abroad and for an easy communication with foreigners
• Native speakers from Britain, USA, Australia and other English-speaking countries
• Level of English matters, but it is more important to be ready for active communication to get rid of fear of mistakes, and overcome the language barrier




Summer Vacations Abroad:


Children's camp at the sea in Bulgaria (July 1-14 and 15 - 30)


Language breakthrough in England (August 8 - 28)


Summer English Camp in Malta (July 21 - September 1)


Number of participants is limited - book in advance!
(Prices may vary, but if you bought a ticket, the price for you will not grow!)




English Camp in Ukraine:


Zakarpattia (boarding house "Energetik")


Carpathians, Yaremche (private boarding houses)


Near Kharkiv (Holiday Village "Upper Pisarevka")


Kharkiv (Day Camp)


Kharkiv (International session)


Odessa (Zatoka)


Odessa (Koblevo)


Number of participants is limited - book in advance!
(With early booking, significant discounts!)




Everything is thought through to the last detail!


                   English - all the day round!




For more information, please contact us by phone:


+38067 590 05 56 - Andrew - WhatsApp


+38050 401 79 47 - Andrew - WhatsApp & Telegram


+38073 053 78 89 - Andrew - Viber