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Program and rules



Program of personal development and interest in English - Magic Camp - is an integral part of the clever "Magical World".


The mission of the program - the dissemination of ideas of developing recreation (association interesting stay active personality development) and education quality open-minded, creative, responsible and highly effective person.


Feature of this program - the constant use of the English language in communication between the participants and organizers of the program, developing for interactive sessions on different topics (depending on the theme of arrival) in English, and the involvement of native speakers as consultants.



Goals and Objectives:

• create a space for the development of the best qualities of high-personality (habits of leadership, teamwork, tolerance, mutual aid, etc.);
• develop intellectual versatility participants;
• to create an interesting and exciting atmosphere of cheerful communication in English;
• promote the growth of interest of the participants own comprehensive development (including improvement habits to use English);
• education and universal values ​​of humanism.



Principles of Magic Camp:

- Honesty and responsibility for their actions;
- Affectional and respect for the thoughts of others;
- Sense of humor and optimism;
- Goodwill and mutual relations in the activity;
- The pursuit of knowledge and open-mindedness;
- Willingness to overcome difficulties;
- Active participation in the Program;
- Unconditional observance of the Rules of Conduct Program participants.





Program participants commit themselves to:

1. Lead a healthy lifestyle, do not smoke, do not drink and do not store alcohol and drugs.
2. Use in communicating only normative lexicon and friendly tone.
3. Obey the rules of personal property and security of person.
4. Contain personal belongings and place of residence in a clean and tidy.
5. Be present in the collection unit upon request counselors.
6. Leave the camp only in support of counselors.
7. Observe the rules of safe behavior on the water during excursions and other movements outside the camp.
8. Take good care of the camp property and personal property of others. Damage is compensated for by the Program participant or parent / guardian.
9. Observe schedule

Program participants may be individuals who disagree with the principles and rules of the Programme and signed an agreement with the organizers.

The program began in 2001 to work in the Crimea (Sudak, Alupka, Simeiz Small Lighthouse Fisherman), and since 2003 in the Carpathians (onshore and Vizhnits).

Since 2007, the program began to work Magic Travel Ukraine. This program develops traveling with the English language in different parts of Ukraine. In May we are going to the Crimea - a journey through historical and cultural places of Kerch, Feodosia, Sudak, Balaklava, Sevastopol and other.

Entirely logical that the Magic Travel and go abroad. In late March (23-30) 2007 we traveled to Hungary, and May 25-31 - to Poland and the Czech Republic.




With us is always fun, informative, interesting!



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