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About Camp


Magic Camp is one of the programs of the NGO MERIT. Its mission is to develop open-minded, creative, self-determined, successful, socially active and responsible individuals. It is basically a camp for children and adults where its participants:

 Magic Camp collage

  • acquire the skills of working in a team and develop their leadership skills
  • live in the atmosphere of creativity, self-development, mutual support and good manners
  • communicate exclusively in English (especially with the camp counselors)
  • explore the unknown, learn to overcome difficulties, sing songs in English
  • and plunge into a captivating English speaking atmosphere



Every day is full of fascinating lessons of English, cognitive excursions, sport and creativity games being led by Ukrainian and American teachers with an abundance of humour and enthusiasm.


The program was founded in 2001 and has been developing in 4 directions:


Children's camp on spring break 1. Spring Magic - Spring break in Kharkiv, in Malta, immersion in history, culture of Poland - Czech Republic - Germany 


Children's holiday in camp on summer vacation 2. Summer Quest is a summer adventure which guaranties profusion of energy and health at the warm and welcoming Black Sea and in the cool Carpathians.


Children's camp in Kharkov during the autumn holidays 3. Magic Autumn - Autumn holidays in KharkivLviv and Malta


English Camp on Winter Holidays 4. Winter Magic is a winter enchantment of spending Christmas Holidays in the Carpathians and Poland.


Developing travel to different places in Ukraine 5. Magic Travel Ukraine is a journey to picturesque and most breathtaking places of Ukraine.


A magical journey abroad 6. Magic Travel Abroad is a magic journey abroad (Poland, Hungary, Check Republic, Turkey, Egypt, Malta, Great Britain etc.)



The participants who successfully complete the program become “magics” and thus participants of the Magic Camp Club. All “magics” can participate in Magic World programs with a discount.



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