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 About the Center


Umnits MERIT (UMNITS)Methodology, Education Research, Information and Training Center



To encourage the development of open-minded, creative, self-determined, successful, socially active and responsible individuals.





  • To create proper conditions for successful personality growth of all the participants of a learning process in formal and informal education;
  • To create programs of effective education and development for children, youth and adults;
  • To popularize the methods of personality development.





  • To improve the programs of the Magic Counselor School, Magic Teacher School and Trainers’ School;
  • To enlarge the geography of Magic Camp, Magic Travel Abroad and Magic Travel Ukraine, Magic School of English, MERIT Training Camp, trainers’ “Network of Growth”.





Our programs:

MERIT (UMNITS) holidays with personality development is one of the programs of our organization combining rest with discovering the inner potential of each individual, educating a versatile individuality and developing one’s character.

The aim of the program is to involve the participants into a continuous process of self-cognition, perfection and development.


Magic Camp


MERIT Training Camp


Magic School of English


Counselor School


Magic Camp Club


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MERIT members

Andrew Klymyshyn, Manager of MERIT.