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What to bring to the camp (List of things)


Each program in the English camp Magic Camp - unique. Accordingly, the list of necessary things will be different, but, nevertheless, have the basic necessities:

  1. Roll the easiest wallpaper (basic consumables for camp activities)
  2. Candle for evening summarizing (and to her - a simple candlestick, to protect your hands from the wax).
  3. White T-shirt (for coloring).
  4. Things depending on the season. For summer:
      • Cap or panama
      • mosquito repellent (if needed)
      • cream / Sun
      • swimsuit / swimming trunks
      • One thing warm (suddenly colder)
  5. Adhesive tape / glue and scissors
  6. Album for risovaniya/10 A4 sheets
  7. Colored pencils / markers
  8. Cup (for evening tea)
  9. Flashlight
10. Desire good rest and good mood! =)


Detailed list discussed at the parent meeting a week before leaving the camp (if you do not get it, you get the information via e - mail or phone)


NB: Remember that all your belongings child carries himself! Do not overload!