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English development camp at sea in Bulgaria (Golden Sands)


A magical place for a magical camp!


English-language camp in Bulgaria (Golden Sands)


Clean sea, useful iodized air, comfortable living conditions, delicious food and most importantly - our well-thought-out exciting program for the development of your child's success!


Completely - from morning till night - only in English!


Overcoming internal and language barriers!


The best, professional, specially trained, caring and cheerful counselors!


With us, your child will not only relax in a picturesque and comfortable place, but also overcome the language barrier, increase English proficiency and improve the skills of understanding yourself, your goals and desires, the ability to achieve goals and be happy!


Register now and get bonuses!


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Children's English-language camp conducts its program "I Can!" in the hotel "Dawn", Golden Sands, Bulgaria.


summer camp bolgaria BUILDING 1


Where is?

• Northern Coast of Bulgaria

• 3 km from the Golden Sands complex

• 10 km from the center of Varna

• 800 meters to the sea


Children's English-language camp in Bulgaria (Golden Sands)


Golden Sands is a resort with a specific and unique look!

The unique combination of an age-old forest and a beautiful beach - strewn with golden sand, warm sea and healing mineral springs - is all and even more that is needed for a stunning vacation.


Resort in Bulgaria (Golden Sands)


Golden Sands Resort is located 17 km north of Varna and 130 km from Burgas.

It is one of the largest resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

It got its name from a beautiful strip of beach with fine golden sand, which stretched for almost 4 km / 100 meters wide.


Beach in Bulgaria (Golden Sands)


The small bays found here and there near the resort are convenient for children.

The weather is amazing: in summer there is no exhausting heat, and a light sea breeze blows from the sea.

The average air temperature varies in summer from 25-28C air and 22-26C water.








› Reception with safes

› Restaurant

› Swimming pool with children's area / lifeguard, sunbeds and umbrellas


Swimming pool at a children's summer camp in Bulgaria


› Outdoor playground with wooden floor (200 m2)

› Scene with equipment

› Huge park area


Park area. Language camp in Bulgaria (Golden Sands)


› 2 halls of 50 m2 each

› Hall 100 m2 with wooden floor, mirrored wall machine

› Multifunctional sports ground - football, volleyball, basketball
(cover - artificial grass; size - 14 m. / 21 m.; lighting in the dark)


Playground. Children's camp in Bulgaria (Golden Sands)





• accommodation in cozy rooms for 3 people
• hot water constantly
• in each room - 3 single beds with bedside tables, wardrobe, air conditioning, balcony and bathroom with WC and shower


Room1. Children's camp in Bulgaria (Golden Sands)  Room. Children's camp in Bulgaria (Golden Sands)

Bathroom. Children's camp in Bulgaria  Bathroom. Summer camp in Bulgaria

Room2. Summer camp in Bulgaria (Golden Sands)  Hotel room. English-speaking children's camp in Bulgaria (Golden Sands)


Most rooms offer stunning sea views




Meals are served in the hotel restaurant with open and closed part.

We are well aware of the importance of proper, healthy and varied food for children.


Food. Buffet. Children's camp in Bulgaria (Golden Sands)  Food. Buffet. Language camp in Bulgaria (Golden Sands)


• 4 meals a day, balanced, buffet

• Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner buffet with drinks (juices, water, tea)


Food. Restaurant. Development camp in Bulgaria (Golden Sands)  Food. Restaurant. English-speaking camp in Bulgaria (Golden Sands)


• Daily fresh fruits and vegetables on the menu

• There are water coolers (in the restaurant and on each floor of the building)




• Private protected area on a gorgeous sandy beach with lifeguard and umbrellas

• Safe gradual entry into the water makes the beach ideal for children


Beach. Summer camp in Bulgaria (Golden Sands)


• 800 meters to the beach

• There is a cable car from the camp to the beach


Cable car to the beach. Camp in Bulgaria (Golden Sands)




• The camp is well protected and lit in the dark

• The camp is guarded 24/7 and there is video surveillance

• There are safes at the reception (for storing documents and valuables)

• Medical office where they work with the insurance company


Language camp in Bulgaria at sea (Golden Sands)




July 1 - 15


We leave Kyiv - 30.06

We return to Kyiv - 15.07


Come with us!


The theme of the success program: "I Can!" (I can!)

The path of the winner: I see the goal, I believe in myself, I am not afraid of obstacles. And you will need resilience and wisdom!



Action! "Together more fun and cheaper"

Going to an unknown place for the first time is always easier with friends!

If you are new to the Magic Camp program, join the "Together more fun and cheaper" promotion:

Invite your friends to participate in our program and in addition to enjoying a unique holiday together, you will receive a discount for each - 500 hryvnia!








English-speaking, interesting, fun, educational


"I Can!"


First of all - English.


Guides communicate, sing, conduct all activities, classes, excursions, games, competitions, dances, hikes, all in English. There is no need to be afraid of this, because the goal of the counselors is not to intimidate with language, but to show what to say, even with a limited number of words and knowledge - perhaps important, useful and fun!


We support, explain, encourage to help each other. We look everyone in the eye, we take care of everyone, but everyone needs to make some effort to overcome the language barrier and maintain the English-speaking environment in the camp. Depending on the level of English already achieved, it happens in different ways: someone is easier, someone is harder. The main thing is to remember: "I can!"


In addition, quality is not important to us, but quality. Therefore, we recruit only three detachments by age: junior, middle and senior - 10-15 participants in the detachment and two leaders per detachment. We have no age restrictions. The main thing is that the child is quite independent and ready to at least try to understand and speak English. That is, it is important to have a psychological readiness for the camp, not age.


The same applies to the senior units: there we have participants not only parents but also grandparents! Very rarely, of course, but we welcome them if they are willing to speak English and take part in our games, hikes and competitions.


The camp lives by the principles of Harrison Owen's Open Space Technology and uses elements of Vision Quest: initiation, circle of intentions, my story, reflection, walk-search, place of farewell, etc. In the program we harmoniously weave certain techniques of art therapy, dance-movement and project activities, the development of emotional intelligence of the participants.


At the request of parents, at the end of the arrival, the psychological characteristics of the child can be given and recommendations for its further development can be provided, or post-camp psychological support, consultations, therapy (if necessary).


Each day of arrival is planned in advance and full of interesting and useful activities: song, project and thematic classes, dance, song and creative competitions, various levels and directions of educational games, team competitions-quests, educational trips and excursions.






Excursions, what are we going on this tour: 


1. Excursion-search on Nessebar

Ancient city-reserve. Almost an island: connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus.

Houses and temples of VI-X-XIV centuries. An interesting ancient story. There is something to learn, where to wander and take pictures. They explore the city in groups, but each receives an individual task.


Excursion-search on Nessebar. Camp in Bulgaria



2. Photo quest on Sozopol

Bulgarian Jerusalem. City-museum.


Photo quest on Sozopol. Language camp in Bulgaria



3. Action AquaPark "Aqua Paradise"

As they say, the largest and most modern water park in Bulgaria. Adrenaline pours over the edge.


Excursion to the water park in a children's camp in Bulgaria



4. Bulgarian village with traditional dishes and walking on coals

See how they lived, taste traditional dishes, listen to folk songs, watch and dance folk dances, try folk crafts and finally - see how they walk barefoot on hot coals and try it yourself (adults or with parental permission).


I want to!



In addition to the program, the key is who and how communicates it to the participants. Guides.


Our counselors are special! Adorable! They are trained during the school year in our School of Counselors, pass exams in English, psychology, methods of working in the camp, effective communication, the basics of a successful personality and the best are sent to work with children under the guidance of an experienced senior counselor. The children always give them a high grade and are friends for a long time even after the camp!


It is always fun, interesting and useful with us!


Join now!



COST:  760 euro*




What is included in the price?

  Summer camp in Bulgaria at sea (Golden Sands)

✔️ Program THREE in ONE:
      1. recreation and entertainment program
      2. personality development program
      3. language barrier program - all in English

✔️ The work of counselors
✔️ Accommodation for 3 people in a room with amenities
✔️ Meals 4 meals a day, delicious - buffet


Additionally paid: excursions



What to put in luggage

It is advisable to put in your luggage a list of things to take with you. So the child will be calmer that nothing will be forgotten on the way back.

Toiletries: soap; toothbrush and toothpaste; shampoo; comb; deodorant.

Beach accessories: flip-flops; large towel for the beach; swimsuit; swimming cap; sunscreen; cap; sunglasses.

If the child wears glasses or lenses, prepare one spare pair!

Medications: You can prepare medications such as aspirin and others that the child knows how to take. Antibiotics and prescription drugs must be given to a health worker at the camp, along with their prescription. If during rest, the child will need to take regular medication, according to the doctor's prescription, we should know about it in advance.

Other: Camera; hair dryer; mobile phone charging (if you take a mobile phone with you).

What not to take

Expensive watches, jewelry, broken electrical appliances or devices that the child does not know how to use.



For detailed information, please call:

073 053 78 89 - Andrew - Viber

067 590 05 56 - Andrew - WhatsApp

050 401 79 47 - Andrew - Telegram

* for members of the organization "UMNITS" and participants of past programs - 5% discount
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